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Joop Witteman
From: The Netherlands
We are a sound advice company that performs noise measurements and
We use a sound analyzer Investigator type 2260 from Bruel & Kjaer, to
retrieve the stored data from the instrument using Bruel & Kjaer
software "noise explorer".
This requires a license HASP Dongle (hardware) of which we only have one
To be able to work in different locations and devices and to have a backup,
We have had a "Dongle backup full unlimited license" made by
And with success, we thank Bill Prescott from ETech Software Ltd for the
necessary guidance and advice.
We heartily recommend the company.

Joop Witteman,
Sound advisor industry and road traffic noise
Added: March 15, 2018     
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From: JesseMaf
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Added: March 5, 2018     
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From: FrancisTef
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Added: February 28, 2018     
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From: JesseMaf
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Added: February 10, 2018     
Submitted by Comments:
From: FrancisTef
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Added: February 9, 2018     
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From: JesseMaf
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Added: February 8, 2018     
Submitted by Comments:
From: FrancisTef
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Added: February 3, 2018     
Submitted by Comments:
From: JesseMaf
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Submitted by Comments:
From: JesseMaf
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Added: January 29, 2018     
Submitted by Comments:
From: FrancisTef
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Added: January 26, 2018     

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